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Gearing Up for Snow Removal in 2024… or are we?

As someone who does residential snow removal in Alpena, MI, one of the things we know best about Michigan is not to count on the weather reports. I’ve been monitoring the weather trends for years, especially concerning snowfall in Alpena, MI, and despite a warmer December, don’t be misled; January 2024 might bring significant snowfall to us. We never really know for sure, though. I’ve seen several mild winters as a Michigan resident, but this year, it may (or may not) be one of the mildest yet.

El Niño’s Impact on Northern Michigan Snowfall

El Niño years often bring unpredictable weather patterns throughout the United States, including here in Northern Michigan. We often see an ebb and flow of different weather as the years go on. Some years we have seen events like the Polar Vortex of 2019 and many others. The historical data suggests that snowfall levels vary during El Niño years and reaffirms our conclusion that homeowners should still brace for a potentially heavy snow season despite the current warmth.

Preparation Tips for Homeowners

Having a team standing by to assist with your snow removal, should you decide to forgo the fun, is an important step to preparing for winter. We are ready to handle residential properties and ensure you are not snowed-in after any significant snowfall. Being prepared often involves snow shoveling, snow blowing, ice management, and salting services. It is never too early to get in our route and ensure you are cared for.

We’re Expanding Our Capacity in Alpena, MI

As of writing this article, we manage 10 properties for our snow removal clients but plan to double that this 2023-2024 winter. aim to double this by the snow season. To achieve this, we’re looking for team members within Alpena, MI, to join our snow removal efforts. If you feel like you are up for the challenge, email [email protected]