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Mulching vs. Leaf Removal - Featured Blog Image

Mulching vs. Leaf Removal and Making the Right Choice this Year

Maintaining your lawn isn’t just about mowing and watering. As the seasons change, the carpet of fallen leaves can impact your grass’s health. While mulching can recycle vital nutrients back into the soil, sometimes, the leaves, especially thick ones like oak and magnolia, can overwhelm and harm your lawn. That’s

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Fall Cleanup Services in Alpena, MI

Promoting Healthier Northern Michigan Lawns This Fall

Discover the rejuvenating power of Fall Cleanup with Billy Petrucci, a Property Care Expert at Up North Cleanup. Explore innovative solutions for a healthier, vibrant lawn in Northern Michigan. Dive into meticulous leaf removal, diligent debris cleanup, and efficient composting methods that promise to revolutionize lawn care and outdoor maintenance

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