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Spring and Fall Cleanup Services

Yard Cleanup and Leaf Removal Service in Alpena, MI and Surrounding Areas

Welcome to Up North Cleanup, Alpena, MI’s number one provider in fall cleanup services. We believe that just because the fall colors arrive doesn’t mean a cluttered lawn has to follow. As many locals’ first choice, we transform the blanket of leaves into landscapes ready for the seasons ahead. We don’t just have expertise in lawn mowing or shrub trimming, we specialize in leaf cleanup services as well as gutter cleaning. With Up North Cleanup, watch the leaves fall and let us handle the rest. Call us today to see why Alpena, MI, locals trust us with their yard cleanup projects.

Spring and Fall Cleanup Services

  • Leaf Raking & Removal
  • Fallen Debris Pickup
  • Yard Cleanup
  • Small Branch Removal
  • Fall Shrub and Hedge Pruning
  • Dead Plant Removal
  • Gutter Cleaning

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Why We Are Respected by Locals for Fall Cleanup

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Benefits of Seasonal Cleanup Services

In Northern Michigan, engaging in a thorough yard cleanup during the fall season is crucial for maintaining a healthy and aesthetically pleasing landscape. This region, characterized by its distinct seasons, demands regular attention to the yard, primarily when transitioning from the lush summer to the frigid winter. Performing fall yard cleanup ensures that leaves, twigs, and other debris are effectively removed from lawns and landscape beds, preventing the accumulation of fungal material and spores that can negatively affect the health of the lawn

The benefits of fall yard cleanup in Northern Michigan are not merely restricted to aesthetic appeal but extend to the overall well-being and value of the property. Properly done yard cleanup allows the lawn to breathe, fostering a robust and resilient landscape that can withstand the harsh winter conditions in Northern Michigan. A clean, well-maintained yard can enhance the property’s beauty, providing a calming atmosphere and instilling a sense of pride among property owners

5 Reasons for In-Depth Yard Cleanup!

Fall Yard Cleanup in Alpena, MI