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Scrap and Junk Removal

Junk and Scrap Cleanup in Alpena, MI, and Surrounding Areas!

Homes and properties can accumulate unwanted junk and scrap over time, turning potential spaces into cluttered areas that can no longer be used. This can not only become an eyesore but also affect the functionality and safety of your property. Enter Up North Cleanup, the experts in junk removal. Serving the Northeast Michigan region, our specialized services are tailored to help homeowners and businesses rid themselves of unwanted items, from old appliances and furniture to construction debris. Our professional crew will handle the heavy lifting, ensuring your spaces are restored to their former glory, clean, and clutter-free. At Up North Cleanup, we’re more than just a removal service; we’re your partners in reclaiming your space and peace of mind.

Trash Cleanup in Alpena, MI

Junk Removal Services

  • Appliance Removal
  • Furniture Disposal
  • Construction Debris Cleanup
  • Mattress Disposal
  • Scrap Metal Pickup
  • Garage and Shed Cleanout
  • Foreclosure Cleanup
  • Basement Junk Removal
  • Trash Cleanup

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  • Alpena, MI
  • Black River, MI
  • Herron, MI
  • Hillman, MI
  • Hubbard Lake, MI
  • Posen, MI
  • Presque Isle, MI
  • Roger’s City, MI
  • Spruce, MI