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Promoting Healthier Northern Michigan Lawns This Fall

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With experience cleaning up properties for the last few years, I have seen firsthand how a thorough Fall Cleanup can affect a property, especially in Northern Michigan. Fall Cleanup is more than a seasonal chore, it’s a leg up for your lawn, a preparatory step for the impending winter, and a revitalization protocol ensuring blossoming vitality in the succeeding spring.

Why Fall Cleanup is a Game Changer for Lawns

Embarking on a timely and thorough Fall Cleanup is vital. It can often involve ensuring thorough leaf removal, debris cleanup, exhaustive leaf raking or leaf blowing, and methodical composting. These various steps are important for maintaining your lawn’s aesthetic appeal and health, protecting against potential diseases, and promoting overall lawn wellness when the seasons change.

Is not removing leaves from your lawn in the fall bad?

Indeed, neglecting leaf removal can have detrimental consequences. When leaves accumulate, they can smother the grass, obstructing essential sunlight and air circulation and leading to many lawn diseases and pest infestations. As someone who deals with property care daily, witnessing the repercussions of neglected lawns is disheartening – It means more strenuous efforts are needed in spring to bring them back to life.

Optimal Frequency for Fall Cleanup

How often should I have fall cleanup done during the season? We recommend performing fall cleanup at least twice during the fall season. Regular and well-spaced sessions ensure that your lawn remains healthy and vibrant, preventing the detrimental accumulation of leaves and debris, and facilitating the maintenance of its aesthetic appeal and overall well-being.

Best Practices for Effective Fall Cleanup

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